Part time work on a spouse visa

Hi - anyone come across the same situation?

My wifes visa is a spouse visa tied to mine. She has recently been offered part time work ~ 1 day/week.

Anyone know the legal situation on this?

If she was to transfer to a student visa would there be better flexibility?

Thanks in advance

Your wife’s employer would need to apply for a work permit for her.

Thanks for that.

She has the option of going on to a student visa - which will allow her a very small amount of part time work… which could work out ok.

MOFA guy thinks she is crazy to drop the spouse visa - but offered no details as to why. Anyone think of any pros/cons on this? Presumably if the student visa became a hassel we could revert back to the spouse visa…


Are you Taiwanese?

If so, she doesn’t need a work permit.

If you’re not, she does.