Im rather new to Taiwan. How plausible is it to live on part-time pay? While I realize that this will vary because of the hourly rates, note that I am a first-time teacher, so it’s bound to be on the low end.

Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

If you lived outside Taipei, and you lived in some sort of shared accomodation, I guess you could get by on 12 hours per week. It wouldn’t be much of an existence, though, and you’d probably find yourself dipping into your savings from time to time.

I’m talking about 12 hours of language school work, of course. Teaching private students is another matter.

Just work out your monthly running costs and see how many hours you need to work at whatever hourly rate you command.

I would guess that if you are single your monthly outgoings will be around 30k. Part time work tends to pay a higher hourly rate, but lets be cautious and say that you will earn 600k an hour. Therefore you need to work at least 50 hours a month, so it’s simply a case of finding 13 hours a week which even in the current climate should be pretty easy.

I make no comment about work visa rules, though. That’s your decision.

Damn! I want that job!

Sorry, but I’m really incredibly new… what visa work rules are you referring to? (and thanks for the response peeps :slight_smile: )

You’ll need to take a look in the visa/legal forum. I think that for a teaching work visa you need to do at least 14 hours per week in one school. You can then teach in up to two other schools, but they need to be added to your work visa. As I say, I’m not totally sure so you’ll need to run a search.

Ohhkay, thanks!