Party venue in Taipei that can cater western finger food?

I want to throw a party in May for about 40 friends and am looking for a cool venue to host at. I need a place that could arrange some finger food, can provide enough glassware and will allow us to BYO wine without an exorbitant corkage fee.

I’ve already found some awesome places but the food lets them down. The place could be a bar or restaurant but i’m not really interested in sharing a section with the other patrons. Thought about hotels, but prices can be a but ridiculous for what is in effect just a corporate function venue and lacks intimacy.

Any ideas? Extra points for roof-top gardens and pretty waitresses. :wink:

For food, you could contact Frank at Frankie’s Pies. They do Western-style catering. Frank might know some places, as he has catered a number of events. (Not sure if his current place is the style you are looking for.)

Kama (Anhe Road) has a great downstairs space. You could PM piwackit to see if they offer any party space packages. I couldn’t get their website to work, I could only find this link in English:

I’ve suggested this place to friends and they liked it: Click on ‘Green Breeze Chateau’ for pics.

From memory they offer free corkage and can do a buffet to order. Nice garden and view. Indoors also nice. It’s up towards Yamingshan, so red line MRT going North and then taxi.

What you suggest is not common in Taipei. Maybe just do a deal with a restaurant, like Yuma, Mr Sausage, or Le Rouge. You could get great food and drinks, and good atmosphere at any of them, for a fair price.

There are a lot of hotels that have “Villa Rooms” they will let out for events. These are essentially 100 ping+ suites that you can rent for up to 6 hours for an event. Some can supply food, though it is rarely “western”, and most always have a private pool. They are generally byo friendly and will supply waitstaff and tea and coffee if you want it.

Think wego and the like and do a websearch depending on the area of town you want.

Doubt a restaurant or bar will accomodate you, especially since you want it to be byo…

Yuma’s a great idea - downstairs has plenty of room away from customers and the food is awesomely western (southwestern to be precise). I’d suggest GB but there isn’t a separate room. Dan Ryans also makes excellent western food, but that room in the back probably only holds about 35 - we had an office party for Thanksgiving there, I wanna say 32-35 was the limit they could fit - but you could call them.

Or try upstairs at On Tap - a recent darts competition had 32 people playing up there, but you could ask how many they could fit, and J’s wife makes the absolute best sausage rolls in the history of sausage rolls - yes I am including rolls I’ve never eaten - I bet they’d put together a decent bunch of finger food for you if you asked.

I haven’t got my invitation yet. Don’t go to all the trouble of booking a great place and then forgetting to invite the important people.

Thanks for all the great suggestions, guys… will definitely look into all of them…

Two Tongues made an excellent suggestion with On Tap.

Good finger food: chicken wings, nachos, sausage rolls, …and much more if you want plates: pies, quiche, burgers, pasta, chilli…

Talk to Jase about corkage - although like any publican I’d guess he’d prefer to provide the wine.

You could try Pan’s Garden. (

I think it would be just about the right size for your party, they got outdoor seating, and an English speaking manager that is very friendly.

I’d say Alley Cat (I think Italian finger food is basically “Western” at this point, not exotic) at their restaurant in Huashan (Bade Road Sec 1 #1) but I doubt they would do a BYOB event. The space, however, rules - especially the brick patio area.