Party website?

Is there a website(s) dedicated to nightlife in Taipei? clubs, bars, partying, events, etc…

I remember a while back there was a discussion about a Website called Taiwanfun or something or other. Had info on clubs etc. Today’s papers are full of cub listings.

Sneaky Spinshas some ideas.

This site has more information for Kaohsiung then Taipei and it’s really small yes, I know, but anyway… Who knows…

A little late, but better than never: ( also a good moto for going out on the town in Taipei, which is wonderful, since everything worthwhile stays open all night… )

I guess we do need a website guiding where to go this weekend!
Try this webiste:
It’s a Chinese website trying to connect local djs, build a dj community. Quite timely update party info.
Too bad, it’s Chinese but it’s still easy to recognize words like "2F’, “the Wall”… :sunglasses:

Hm I logged onto…while it’s cool, there’s not much happening on the party calendar…

Well, not much for this week, cause it’s just Tuesday! :sunglasses:
Check “news”, the lastest party news for the week.