Passengers per Bike (in Taiwan)

Can I using bicycle with 2 person in 1 bicycle?
Or just 1 person for 1 bicycle?

Are you serious? No matter what the rules and regulations may or may not be, no one takes any notice. Load your bike up with as many passengers as you can, also your shopping, trash in plastic bags and re-cycle cardboard. If you all fall off the trash and re-cycled will cushion the fall.


As long as it’s not the Ubike, do as you please.

Always remember to wear a helmet too!

I have seen guys standing on u bikes while someone else rides them. It’s not safe either.

No more than 15 people for one bicycle. Otherwise it’s too dangerous!

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I have seen parents fitting a child seat onto a Ubike and transport a kid that way.

but if its a Bike you can get an extra 3 in the basket, but they have to be in a human pyramid.

Hahaha, ok
Thank you

Ok, thank you for your information

Not ubike, I’m buying a new bicycle