Passport from a Non-English Speaking country

Hey all,

I have a cousin who lives in Europe and wants to teach English here in Taiwan. The thing is she doesn’t have a Passport from an English speaking country. Although, she does have a university degree from Canada. Do you think that this will qualify for an ARC in Taiwan? Her English is fluent, she even has a North American accent, and she probably has excellent grammar.

What should I tell her?

Do you think she will have to get a student visa? and study Chinese

Thanks for any information.


What do you mean no?

“No” means that without the correct passport, it doesn’t matter where your cousin’s degree is from or what it’s in, she’s not considered qualified to teach English here.

You must be a native speaker of English, not just one who has studied in an English speaking country.

Unfortunately we agree it doesnt always makes sense. Other countires allow it but not Taiwan.