Passport picture size

this is probably a very stupid subject, but can anyone for sure please tell me
what kind of size I should present for

  • visa applications for Taiwan in outside countries
  • health insurance card for Taiwan
  • apllication for the ARC (the new plastic card style)

I am very used to the 4,5cm (top to bottom) and 3,5cm (left to right)
standard WITHOUT a white frame all around it …

In Taiwan it seems common to have this white frame all around,
the picture itself is 4,5x3,5 cm, so this makes the whole bigger
at 0,2 cm each, so the gross size is 4,9 x 3,9 cm.

I also heard stories (not sure if they are true) that Taiwan also
have quadrat-sized pictures with 5,0 x 5,0 cm, with or without
frames, i don’t know as I never saw one of those …
By the way, 2 inch are around 5 cm, is that correct ??

Which size, with or without frame is now used in Taiwan ??
Can anyone please help me out here ??
Normally I would not care that much, but in todays word
there are those stupid biometric measure things and therefor I
just want to do it wright …

Sorry, guess this is indeed stupid, but I still hope the get
your help here - thank you

Please attach two 2 ’x2” head & shoulder photos in color
( taken within the last six months )

What does this 2 'x2" means in detail.
ok, 2 pictures required, but still the question WHAT SIZE ??

Please also look my other post …


" is inches and ’ is feet
2’ x 2" would be 2 feet high and 2 inches wide.

I remember the ARC place has a little stamp thing that they make you put your pictures in and it crops them to the proper size.

US passport photos are bigger than Taiwan passport photos. I seem to remember the US photos should be 2" x 2". But if you get your pictures taken and don’t tell them it’s for a US passport, they will make them too small.