Guys, what do you do when your boss where you teach asks you to give him/her your passport to get your tax papers ready (any official pretext, whatever) - assuming you’re student in Taiwan? Meaning - once he gets your passport, your butt is his. He might not pay you? :o
What is best done here?

They shouldn’t need to keep your passport, just make copies of it.

in my experience…

The employer will want to see your passport, but you do not have to ‘give’ it to them. Sure they can look at it, but photocopies are all that is required for processing. If you want to speed things up, offer to go with your Employer.

A copy of your passport will do, but you need every single page. it’s used to check the entry and exit stamps to calculate the number of days you were in Taiwan over the tax year. if you go in person you don’t need a copy. They’ll also double check the name and passport number against what it says on the form. If you employer is doing it for you, he’ll also need a copy of your ARC.
I’d advise you doing the taxes yourself. I did it myself this year and am getting a NT$40,000 rebate. For the last two years my rebate has been less than NT$1000, for pretty much the same salary, when I had our finance department take care of the form filling etc. There are a lot of allowance you can claim, also get the “complicated form” (two sided) rather than the simple one.
Aren’t you a little late in filing??