Pastaria in Hsin Tien on Minchuan Rd. near Da Pinglin MRT

There’s a nice new pasta place that opened up in Hsin Tien. Their menu currently features Pizza, Gratin, and Pasta (spaghetti noodles). Their prices are more than reasonable (highest price is for the pasta with smoked salmon in cream sauce for only NT120!) and they also have take out and delivery services.

45 Minchuan Road (near Da Pinglin MRT)
Hsin Tien
T: 2916-0516

Try anything with chicken and see if you can recognize that delectable flavor. It’s especially good with the pesto. And their mini-pizzas are only NT49! They use ready-made crusts, which may turn away some folks, but they are actually scrumptious (without a 15 minute wait). The owner, Henry, says they tested numerous brands before selecting a crust from Japan. After munching on several pizzas, I must say these disks with tongue titillating toppings were muy deliciosa!

And get this – both 1st and 2nd floors offer a free wireless Internet connection for those with compatible notebooks/laptops. Technology is a passion of Henry’s, as is his desire to open up his own restaurant, Pastaria.

Um mmm, lunch hour is particularly busy, so try to go a little before or after to avoid the usual rush.

Hi all,
My name is Henry, the owner of PASTARIA in Shin Tien. Lots of people ask me why I opened up this restaurant when Im already quite busy with our fragrance export business… (visit

Well… after coming back to Taiwan from NY/USA over 8 years ago, I felt Taiwan people deserves the right taste and portion in various pasta dishes which I find so lacking in local “western wannabee” restaurants. So in PASTARIA, I ensure each of our dishes are made with the correct/fresh ingredients as well as good portion at extreme valued prices.

Take for example our Chicken w Pesto pasta, surely is same as what you would find in NYC… Freshly blended daily with basil, parmesian cheese, pine nuts, olive oil, and cream, sauteed with grilled chicken strips and pasta. All that with soup of the day and refreshment drink for only 130 NT. Beer and wine are also served. Music is mostly cool jazz and various alternative pop. Friendly service is also my other priority.

Come check us out and taste for yourself. Im normally in the restaurant during lunch to help out the rush. I always look forward to meeting new foreign friends in exchanging food ideas and small chat. If Im not there, that normally means Im busy at Aromate or broad on business trips.

We can cater private parties from 10 - 60 people, so think of us for your next get-together!

place: Shin tien, Ming Chuan Rd. No. 45. (MRT - Da pinlin station, Exit No. 1) tel: 2916-0516, hours: 11:30am - 10pm, 7 days.

Hi Henry,

The soup was good, but the pasta needs a bit of work. I tried the chicken pesto, and I have to say there was actually (believe it or not) too much chicken, and the pieces were too large. They should be bite-sized, meaning you don’t need to cut it before putting it in your mouth. Unless you are doing a chicken breast as a side dish. Also, it tasted a lot like the chicken that comes in Chinese food–be careful what you marinate it in. Also, you might try freshly grated parmesan like real Italian restaurants, rather than the Kraft parmesan that you get at Taiwanese restaurants.

How about some lighter pastas? Something for people that don’t like thick sauces? Olive oils etc…

Your restaurant is a good start, but with some more tweaks you can move it from Times Square (!) to the East Village.

Has anyone else been here?
Looks interesting…I just found this thread by searching for “Italian restaurants”, which is what someone else should have done before starting a new one.
If it’s still around, I’d check it out, it’s not too far from me.

They had pesto sauce on the menu so I asked them to make me a pesto chicken pizza and they happily agreed. Near the Da Ping Lin MRT station.