Pat Geno's sub stand in 737 night market in Neihu

For a while I was living in Neihu and I became a fixture at the local night market. 737 is what is called in English. It is right past the Macdonald’s. Chi San Chi is what my gf calls it.

Anyways, there are a variety of excellent stands, but there is a very good sub sandwich place called Pat Geno’s. It is on your left if you are going towards Family Mart. The 2 brothers who run it are very friendly and can speak English well. The steak sub is great. High quality marbled meat, and the bread is excellent. Much higher quality than say Subway. They serve it with melted cheese on the bread and the steak is flame broiled. You can choose from a variety of toppings.

I always get the double meat which is quite substantial. They also have good bagels which they will toast for you. They offer a German sausage sub too that is good. I prefer the steak but thats just me. They are in the process of adding more choices to the menu and I am sure any input from you guys would be much appreciated because they are fairly new. I think they opened up in the end of Feb or March.