Patio28 in Sanxia, Taipei County (closed)

Patio28 is now open for business … Mondays closed

Let me be the first to wish you best of luck. I did make it to your last place, so this one will be good I know.

Good luck with your new venture, mate!

BTW, I like looking at your photos. Maybe I should try your food, too.

Congrats, I went to your new place twice, and would like to say that your stews are great as usual.

We need weaker beer as well though, I don’t feel like driving after a Chimay.

All the very best with the venture, and I hope to make it out this visit.

For those wanting to venture from Taipei, what is the best way to get there without a car?

That looks great, hope to make it out there sometime, is it in SanXia town near the temple?

I didn’t get to try your old place but I’ll definitely try this one. Probably be a couple of weeks until I can make it, although there’s a slight chance I’ll be there this Sunday.

That is what I am thinking.

Truant, you can for instance call Mr. He and ask him to pick you up at Yongning MRT. Note that Mr. He will need a one hr warning. There are busses too.

How hard is it to get to from Tu Cheng?

10 minutes by car.

From Yongning you take the 706, get off near Dante coffee (across from Watson’s) … turn the corner at Watson’s and cross the three arch bridge … it’s the first building over the river at your right … you should be able to see the awning from the bridge, and yes it’s not far from the old temple …

For cf, it’s near the pasta place I took you a few years ago …

See you guys …

I was there last week with our local Danish, and it was quite appetizing fare.
Hope to get back soon.

A big thank you guys (we can’t name names, but you know who you are) for coming over last Sunday on the special occasion … we hope to have you back some time …

You betcha!

I was fortunate enough to be one of those unnamed :discodance:

and it was great grub :lick: of course, along with a fine selection of (about a dozen) Belgian brews. :beer:

For those who don’t know, BelgianPie is an excellent baker (I bought two huge loaves of bread to go) and a great cook, his partners and staff are exceptionally friendly and good, and the wood deck that another unnamed forumosan built for them is perfect, so one can enjoy all that great food and beer overlooking the river and watching the occasional hottie walk past.

The place is truly, completely different. Not Taiwanese intestine dishes, not another lame attempt by a Taiwanese to parrot western food, but honest-to-God great western food prepared by a real westerner who didn’t quit teaching bushiban to open a restaurant but is actually highly experienced in the culinary arts and has a great love of food and hospitality. Same for his partners.

I shall definitely return (as soon as I can talk my wife into driving us out there again :blush: ).

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Sounds awesome - BP, do you deliver? :slight_smile:

Very disappointed I couldn’t make it on Sunday. I have limited time left on the rock and was half way thru a dive course, and the weather has been screwing me around quite badly on the very few days I have available.

I hope to make it out before I leave for good.

Sounds awesome - BP, do you deliver? :slight_smile:[/quote]

We are working on expanding the baking and working something out to deliver frozen (-18c) …

We’ll let you know as soon as we can deliver …

Good luck! I too was out there on Sunday, and as usual, BP is a wonderful cook and baker, and the brews are top notch…

The bread alone is WELL worth the trip out there.

A few impressions …

Quiche with bacon, onion, cheese and oven dried tomatoes …