Patio84 Golf Tourney 4/30

We are having a friendly golf get together on Saturday April 30th. We will arrange transport , refreshments, prizes and a BBQ afterwards.

Location: Pali International Golf Course
Time: 11:30am Tee off
Meet at Patio84: 10am , Bus departs 10:30am ( you can make your own transport arrangements if you wish)
Green Fee:$2810
Bus and BBQ: $400-600 depends on final amount of players.
Entrance fee: $300 for competitions(closest to the hole, longest drive etc.)

Of course you can just pay the green fee and meet us there! Email us with your name and contact info
no.84 TianMu East Rd.
Shilin District


I’m one of the two InterNations Ambassadors for Taipei - If you’re not familiar with it, is a worldwide network of expats.
I saw your event and I was wondering if I can post this event on our platform.
Feel free to visit to check out the platform. It is invite-based however so navigating the website might be restricted.

Thank you!