Patriotism, Duty to Protest, Limits of Representation

A serious question inspired by, but hopefully (almost) entirely removed from that one ongoing protest in Crawford/ Washington/ wherever…
(Please, try to leave you-know-who and the-guy-she’s-pissed-off-at out of this as far as possible: this is a general question, and I expect that there may be differing answers based on political context (peace/war/relative regime stability) and geography.

What are the limits of patriotism, and one’s duty (as a citizen, family member, concerned party, ect) to protest? To what extent are elected leaders legitimately representative (mostly a political point), and to what extent can/should private citizens oppose political leaders’ claims to represent to political body?

What are the limits of patriotism, and one’s duty (as a citizen, family member, concerned party, ect) to protest?[/quote]

I don’t think anyone has the duty to protest, but I think everyone has a duty to try making the place a little better. You know, it may sound corny, but that “of, by, and for” stuff in the Gettysburg (sp?) Address is kinda deep.

factoring in imaginary concepts like voting districts and borders, considering that many US states have ballot access laws to make it difficult to nearly impossible for independents and 3rd parties to appear on the ballot, remembering that elections (in the US, at least) are driven as much by money as ideas (and not forgetting both parties have tricks for stealing the vote), looking at the percentage of eligible voters who even show up to the polls, and comparing the percentage of millionaires in the US Senate to the general population, I’d say to a small extent.

(This avoids the real question: how could anyone really “represent” not just one individual, but thousands of individuals, in all their complexity?)

What couldn’t the people do to oppose illegitimate representation?

As far as what people should do, I see nothing wrong with letting the people decide that for themselves.

s.b. What’s the crisis? An upsidedown US flag is a signal of distress.

did you read the post?

Not really - are you in distress?

Well, I am concerned that my vice president may be impeached. Does that count?

I thought that was a good thing :smiley:

Impeached for what?

I’m not sure exactly. It would only take a high crime or misdemeanor. All this crap probably belongs on another thread…