Patty Mayo, Bounty Hunter

Have you guys discovered Patty yet?

Here’s a good starter.

If only all cops were like him. He gives the lowlifes so many chances before he tazes their methhead asses. Man, do they get compliant quickly after a good tazing.

And man, does he run across a lot of losers. Kinda makes me think there really is no hope for society.

@Rockefeller Maybe doesn’t need his own thread, please feel free to merge it wherever you see fit.

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To whit:

When I saw the title my mind pictured…

Then I browsed the video a bit and discovered he’s just another YouTuber persona. Not my cup of tea, but then Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians have millions of fans, so who am I to say?

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Yeah, it’s a definite “Hold the Mayo” for me…



He’s no Dog.

Shame on me. Well, you just can’t trust the internet, can you?

Those tazerings look real tho. Damn fine stunt work if they aren’t.

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