Pay by Touch

I just read a very interesting article that’s about “Pay by Touch”, which means you can buy things from stores by using your fingerprint instead of using cash or a credit card. The fingerprint is scanned into a computer that’s connected to a central database, where it looks up the identity of the fingerprint and then deducts the amount of the transaction from the person’s account.

The article says that “Pay by Touch” is already becoming widespread in the U.S. There are now 2100 stores in the U.S. that let constomers pay by fingerprint!

Here’s the link:,2933,206424,00.html

I can’t wait for it to come to Taiwan! I think it would be great to be able to go shopping without having to carry a wallet!

so basically all i’d have to do is cut one of your fingers to get a free shopping. i like the idea :rainbow:

how about without carrying your hands ? :smiley:


Did you forget to add the sarcastic smiley?

I wasn’t being sarcastic! I was serious! I really believe that 50 years from now, wallets will be a thing of the past!

That wouldn’t work because, as the article says, the computer that scans the fingerprints also has ways to see whether the finger is real, such as detecting moisture. And hopefully, it would be able to tell the difference between water and sweat. (There is always a small amount of sweat present on the fingertips because it’s secreted from the eccrine glands. But there is no skin oil (sebum) present on the fingertips.)

However, the article said that the current system can be fooled by using Play-Doh, silly putty, or gummy bears. But the system is constantly evolving and improving, so I’m sure that in the future, it will be more and more difficult to “hack” it.

I dont think that too many people are willing to publish their fingerprint.