Pay for an ARC

I’m new at this ARC application, my school has asked that I pay NT3000 for my ARC, does this sound right, they said they would give me my change back if necessary. Please inform me of this if anyone has done so already.

Im not an expert but I wouldnt do anything unless your in Taiwan and I recommend to get the 5 year tourist visa at the Honolulu Teco on Pali highway.

It will buy you some time to come to Taiwan and learn whats best to do, its what I did.

BTW im from the 808

sounds sketchy. My JFRV only costs 1k a year. Before that, my student ARCs were also 1k a year I believe.

But like most things in Taiwan, unless you have an alternative, you sometimes just have to do it and hope you aren’t getting screwed.

Standard English teacher ARC is 1000 NT per year.

If you are converting a visitor visa (ting liu qian zheng) to an ARC, there is an additional charge. I believe it is NT2000. Renewals will then be $1000 per year.

This is exactly correct. I can only speak for those with a USA visitor visa trying to convert to an ARC. There is a $2000 ‘visa conversion’ charge and then there is the $1000 ARC Fee. Total: $3000. Renewals are only $1000 each year.