Pay Pal and TW debit cards

Since it seems almost impossible to get a TW credit card here, I tried to link my Pay Pal account to my TW debit card. Pay Pal accepts debit cards, however TW debit cards have neither cuv numbers nor expiry dates on them. Any idea how to do that?

Wait just a little longer and you’ll get Debit cards that work online

I went to the bank that used to be the international one with for letters ICBC or IMBC (not sure) now its called
something more cosmic, with an Astro Boy Logo. Mega International Commercial Bank.

Anyways, they gave me a debit card with a real credit card number / expiration dates but alas! I couldn’t use it online to transfer money into paypal. Oh no!

10 years ago I got a revolving account American Express in Taiwan. That was brave of them.

Oops I just brought up an old post asking the same thing~ Taiwan Coop offer a proper debit card, but yep. Can’t use it online. A whole month of running around to get one. Down the drain. It even has a CUV number and an expiry date. Though now that I think about it. Maybe the problem is that my address is in English in Paypal (using pinyin). I might go and try it in Chinese tonight.

Please let us know if that works. I am thinking I have to resort to using my SA credit card and do wire transfers back here, which will be a stupid, expensive and inefficient way of doing it. Come to think of it, that would be on par with most procedures here.

I ended up busier than a lemming in a suicide convention last night, so didn’t get a chance to try. Will try tonight, as I don’t trust that kind of information across the school’s network.

Looking forward to finding out how it’s done.

Well I just spent an hour in the bank, waiting in line before listening to the humms and hahs as they go back and forth confirming twenty times that the debit card will not, in fact, work online. Though I am still going to try with the Chinese address tonight - can’t hurt. Only way, they say, is to get a credit card. Another 15 minutes of talking, to be told ‘no’. I didn’t even get to see the application form :bravo: Apparently I need a house or some other huge acquity (sp?) in my name, and a huge sum in the bank for at least 6 months.

Also going to send an email to Paypal support and ask if they have any banks in Taiwan that have Paypal cards.

Ok, a rundown.

  1. Trying to enter my address in Chinese… didn’t work. Wouldn’t accept it.
  2. Yay! The missus forgot her email address and we’ve tried entering all the details, but it says no account with those details
  3. She registers a new paypal account, but her card has been registered before, so no go.

Now looking for banks that will offer a debit card that can work online…


Use sis-in-law’s account, as wifey is insistant that it’s better, taxwise. She’ll take it out in cash and give it to us.
This is all… so… … frustrating.

Hey dude, thought about a prepaid card from outside Taiwan?

Or failing that it would be easier for you to get a credit card than a proper debit card. If you can’t be bothered going through the hassle to get one completely in your name get your wife to co-sign and they will approve there and then.

Some credit cards allow you (your spouse) to give a card to another person, with no credit check. Maybe that’s an option. It’s a separate account, but the main card holder is responsible for it.

:doh: Yes, I am thick. Ask your wife to phone the bank for a 附卡 like Mr. Doggie suggests.

Well, Paypal finally got off their asses and my wife has now been charged on her card. So now we’ve just gotta wait for the statement to arrive so we can get the numbers and do final confirmation. Woot! Hopefully with this extra bit of new income, the missus won’t be too hard to dissuade from letting me buy the z1000. Will be able to afford it. Though I bet she’ll push to save for ‘when we move back’. Heh.

Yes, doing it through her account, but since I changed the Paypal site to English - she’s asked me to take care of all that stuff. She’s too afraid she’ll do something wrong. :roflmao:

So yeah! Extra income, hurrah!

I don’t know why people are saying getting credit cards are impossible to come by. I got one after the first pay packet that went into my account. The bank staff told me I could apply without me even bringing it up. I got the impression it was because they knew my pay was going to be directly debited.

All good and well, BUT I’m finding I can’t use it online since it doesn’t like the security code on the back. My cards from home had a 15(ish) digit number on the back and you’d normally have to give the last three. The TW card only has three numbers and providers in America don’t seem to accept that.

I was thinking about making use of it overseas on a holiday, but I’m wondering if Taiwan credit cards for foreigner are like some others in my experience, and they only work within the country.

Anyone have any experience with that?

The cards I had in the UK only ever had three numbers around the back, never had any problems with them. Same thing with my GF’s card here, so not sure why that isn’t working for you…

[quote=“ngali”]I was thinking about making use of it overseas on a holiday, but I’m wondering if Taiwan credit cards for foreigner are like some others in my experience, and they only work within the country.

Anyone have any experience with that?[/quote]

A lot of American companies won’t accept foreign cards over the net because of fraud risk. I use my Taiwanese card hundreds of times a year all over the world, including America.

Thanks people,

Maybe it’s just a problem online.


The subject just changed from using a TW debit card online to getting credit cards. I’m still interested in any bank that will issue a Debit card that can be used online.