Pay per bag fee collection starts for Xindian

Next month on, get ready. Same rules will apply as Taipei City.

ummmmm… What kind of bags are we talking about? Suitcases on the MRT? Bus? Plane? I’m guessing you mean trash, but a little more detail would be appreciated.

Hmm. I live in a building that collects all the trash and recycling in a common area…I wonder how they’ll sort this out?

Yeah, how’s that supposed to work?
Is this all of Xindian or part of Xindian or…?

If it’s garbage, then Taipei city used to sell these little garbage bags with government tax stamps attached. You had to put all your garbage in these bags.

Of course, the next month after that started one could purchase fake bags with fake stamps for less than half the cost.

Anyway, you still could have one person pick up all the garbage in a central place, but any garbage not in taxed bags could not be thrown into the garbage trucks or land fills, or whatever they did with it all.

Titter! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: You haven’t been allowed to throw empty glass bottles into the trash in Xindian for YEARS. I discarded a half-dozen empty Scotch bottles just 5 minutes ago. CRASH! CRASH! TINKLE!
They really don’t give a fuck out here.

That’s very irresponsible of you Mr Sandman, you should recycle look a good furriner and not behave like the typical Scotsman with an Asbo slapped on his ass…

[quote=“rocky raccoon”]Hmm. I live in a building that collects all the trash and recycling in a common area…I wonder how they’ll sort this out?[/quote]I’ve always wondered this too. They could make you use a special bag for your trash. But if you didn’t, how would they know who it was?

I think it’s great idea to reduce trash and encourage recycling.

Pay per bag fee collection starts for Xindian? About friggin’ time! Why in the world was this scheme not already in place there?

Not only Xindian…other places in Taipei County as well. :smiley:

April 22, 2010
source: … oupId=8742[/quote]

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Maybe because it doesn’t effectively reduce waste, just increases tax revenue. Now, generic packaging, that might be a much better solution! Just imagine if all wine bottles were the same size and shape for example. Just rinse and reuse.

How far is Chungho from Xindian? And how big are the rubbish heaps on the Xindian mountains already?

You know, you can’t believe all the shit that stored in my apartment building, especially on the stairs because there is no ready way of disposing of it without hassle these days. :unamused: If these tax-bags were really effective, then surely there would be a better solution to waste disposal by now, wouldn’t there?

I wanted to write Taipei County originally, but I was unsure: apparently, the plan will start by zones, they haven’t made it public urbi et orbi, etc… At least, before the end of the year everyone will be on the plan.

It affects me a lot as kitty litter occupies a lot of space -big, expensive bags- and they need to be reinforced -heavy duty.

Dunno how affective they are, but ststistics say it does reduce the garbage … in Taipei City -which the cynic in me says they throw in taipei County, but now? There is nowhere to run…

I just dump my trash at the end of the alley a couple times a week and the wee people root through it and take the bits they want. Can’t see how using special bags would help-- they’d just rip them open. Kind of like stray cats.
I mean, they come at 2 pm and 7 pm. Neither of us are there at either of those times in any case.

As you say… The cynic in me tells me that if the government wants to create a new line of revenue then they certainly wouldn’t tell us if it didn’t work. I wonder how many others are like those in my building who just store stuff instead of having to pay hundreds to purchase big enough taxbags.

Well, they do collect stuff, but apparently you have to call some special number so they know where to come and get it…
I think that’s more that people are just too lazy to take the shit out, or they’re like my GF’s parents, they don’t throw anything away… :frowning:

Well, I have to move anyways, so I am cleaning up with a “do I want to pay to have this packed, transported and located elsewhere?” mentality. And most of the big, sh***y stuff belongs to teh landlady, who does not want it thrown away for some mysterious reason…

The church next door has a “garage sale” thinghie going on on weekends. I just give them anything from old shoes on to any whatchamacalit. Same with paper, plastic, glass, there is always someone willing and actually happy to take it.

The day to day garbage is manageable, except cat litter. I can store food scraps and stuff in the fridge, then get the frozen glob out, even if it is once a week. But dog poo and kitty litter have to be dealt with pronto.

Funny, my coworkers from Xindian had no idea about this bag issue, as they live in complexes where they have their garbage taken care of, meaning they do not know if it is thrown in a bag or hauled away by fairies…

Yeah, it happening in all those places that are going to become part of Taipei City. It’s been a money for spinner for many local areas, where they have developed better local services

Even with current garbage collection being included in our regular taxes, the half-dozen trash cans in the small park just outside our community already overflow with obvious household trash at least once a week. Wonder what it will look like when/if this gets implemented.

Oh, that reminds me: BTW, all our utilities’ costs will rise. :roflmao: :discodance: :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately at the current stage, the bag in Taipei County can not be used in Taipei City, and visa versa.