Paying taxes

Nimen hao,
is it legal to stipulate that “foreignors” must pay taxes in cash and may not use the credit card or bank transfer options that are available to locals? This is what the tax office in Hsinchu say.
I find this particularly irritating as I even have a credit card from a Taiwanese bank and “permanent residency”.
Would 36K NTD in 1 NTD coins be legal tender? Got any snot smeared 50 NTD notes you don’t need. /John

Are you having problems with a particular regulation? I advise you to stop listening to their oral explanations. Get a copy of the relevant regulation that they are quoting and mail it or and fax it to me.

Please include your contact information.

I will examine the regulation and let you know what I think.

OK Richard, I will see if I can get them to give me a copy of the regulation when I go to the tax office on Wed (5/29).
On the phone they just said it was “shang-mian’de shoa-de”. Who can tell?
Have foreignors in Taipei paid taxes by bank giro in past years?
Thanks for advice. /John

A friend of mine cam here in August, paid his taxes at 20% for 2001 and has had 6% withheld for 2002. He’s going home next week and wants to know what he’s supposed to do for this year’s taxes and what will happen if he just goes home without filing.