Paying taxes

Does anyone know how to pay your taxes in Taiwan? My company gave me some forms to fill out, but they are extremely complicated and quite long. Is there a good way to get this taken care of? English forms?

Any feedback is appreciated.

Although the form looks complex, the process is very easy. Well, having said that as long as everything is above board.

You should have a tax receipt from your company. Take this along with your passport (to check the number of days you were in the country) and ARC for good measure.

You only need to fill out one form entitled the “Individual Income Tax Return of the Republic of China”. In Hisn Tien they are still using the 1999 form, in Taipei City I think they have a 2000 version. Either way, no worries.

All you have to fill out is the first section (up to but not including “Exeption and Deduction for Residents”. Most parts are obvious but in general I stick to my rule - if in doubt, leave it out. I don’t want to risk the wrath of Gus and give a detailed explanation of each part here, but if you want to email me please feel free.

If you live in Taipei City the tax office is fantastic. Go in and fill out the form at the first table you come to. There are people on hand to help and their English is good. They will give you advice and check it when you are done. Then get a ticket and go the counter. They are very patient and will help you with the whole thing. I also employ my second rule here - smile and act like you enjoy being there.

I filed at my local Hsin Tien office, and although they can’t speak English, they were very helpful. Sorry these are the only offices I have experience with.

Having said all this, the tax office is getting more and more suspicious. If you have been in Taiwan for, say, 9 months and you have declared that you were only working for 6 months, be prepared to prove it (ie you were studying etc)

Also, if you have filed more than once, bring your old receipt. Naturally I had lost mine and as I had moved, they actually called the Taipei City office. Later that day they even called me at the office to ask if I had filed every year I have been here. Even more frightening they checked my address right back to the beginning. They didn’t even use computers then!

Anyway, best of luck. Any questions please ask.

Originally posted by Malcolm: [b]Most parts are obvious but in general I stick to my rule - if in doubt, leave it out. I don't want to risk the wrath of Gus and give a detailed explanation of each part here, [/b]

Malc, say what?! I feel like a Star Trek movie!

I’m glad you posted this, though – I kind of thought that this site would have had a section about this, but obviously, I don’t read enough.

Some comments:

  • Malc is only referring to the Concise Form – which, for simple income blokes like me, is more than enough. taxman, do you own stocks? maybe your (real) name is attached to a deed?? Married? Any dependents?!! Then the Complex form is what you could be holding (heck, I’m not even sure it’s called the Complex form )
  • [b]Heard in the grapevine that there are NO "2000" forms available[/b] -- it'd be nice if someone could verify this. This is because the tax office did an overrun of 1999 forms and would like to finish these off. Sounds strange? Hey, this ain't my country (and my country can be worse [img]/ubb/wink.gif[/img]). Thus, cross out the 1999 and write 2000 on it -- I'm not kidding. Just make sure you verify this first with the nice people at the Tax Office (Taipei City)
  • Malc's absolutely right -- [b]Taipei's Tax Office is helpful and [i]speaks English well[/i][/b]. I've screwed up my tax filings not once, but twice over the past two years!! I'm hopeless. OK, I admit, the first time was kind of intentional -- I wanted to get a quick refund and didn't bring my old passport to verify past entry/exit dates -- I figured my newer passport (issued in 1997) would be enough. When they asked for it, I claimed I stored the old one at home (in Manila). They said, "OK, we'll wait". I didn't get my refund till later in the year (and I think they paid me interest!) Lesson: help them out, they'll help you out

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Wrath of Gus? Well I thought the posting was long enough already.

There are 2000 forms available which are green. They only difference is the newer form has the correct values for the exemptions and deductions.

Not at all, Malc! Post as much and as long as you wish!

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