Paying to register a birth at the British Trade and Cultural Office

I’m going to apply to register my daughter’s birth tomorrow at the British Trade and Cultural Office, but am not sure about how to pay. On the official application form it says payment must be via bank draft or postal order, but on the webpage it says payment must made via personal cheque… I have been telephoning them for a week, trying to find out which method of payment is preferred (or acceptable), but I’ve been told to call back several times now and am not getting the answers I need. The reason I’ve made this post is because I only have a short time in which I can register her birth. I don’t know if I can pick up a cheque/postal order/bank draft on the same day in Taiwan, and was wondering - if anyone has already done this? If so, could you please tell which method of payment is acceptable - because the British Trade and Cultural Office don’t seem to know (and my appointment is tomorrow) :doh:

I’ve got the answer, just in time (just in case anyone else ever needs to know).

You can only pay via bank draft. Taiwanese personal cheques can’t been processed abroad, neither can postal orders (this was what the lady in the post office said). Another thing - although it looks like you need to pay 105 GBP (but this is just to register the birth), if you want to actual birth certificate you need to pay 170 GBP.