Paying UK National Insurance

I know there was a thread about this before but I’ve just spent ages looking for it and can’t, so feel free to put it into the right place.

After 5 years being here, I’ve decided I might as well keep up the payments so as to have a chance of getting a pension. Though I feel there’s only a slim chance of there actually still being a pension in 30 years, why take the risk. I’ve paid 10 years already, why waste the money?

So looking at the website, this is what I’ve gleaned:

you can pay up to 6 years in arrears.
you’re expected to pay the most recent price for the mssed years
you’ll probably want to pay Class 3 contributions, receiving Basic Pension and Widows Pension AND NOTHING ELSE
the current price is 7.15 pounds a week or 371 pounds a year
you can pay by direst debit or credit card

Here’s the link

Currently the 100% state pension is worth 44 pounds a week.
That’s now though…