Paying your bills

Had to do an emergency dash to the Electricity company this morning after finding a pink notice on my door. It seems I have failed to pay for a couple of months and was about to get cut off.

The funny thing is that this has happened before. In only one year I have twice failed to pay my bill for long enough that it became serious. Both times I find that I have no unpaid electricity bills floating around. I keep all of them, but don’t seem to have many at all from Taipower.

Everything else gets paid no problem, it’s just the one company. Am I subconsciously choosing to throw my power bills out with the junk mail, or are they just very crap at sending them? I’m inclined to believe the latter. At least one other tenant in my building received a similar final demand the same day as I did. That’s 2 out of 30!

I’ve had the same problem in the past. You can’t pay a bill if you don’t get it! I took all of mine to the bank and had them set up auto-payment.

I had the same problem last April after I moved into my apartment. Turned out the former tenants hadn’t paid their bill since December. I moved into the place in March.