Payment problems

I get paid on Salary (NEVER do that…thought it was bad doing that in the US). I went home for almost a month. When I came back, I worked a few days in February.

I got my pay and was shocked. What they did was take my salary and divide it by 30 days. Then pay me for the 2 days I worked based off that. But, even in a month with 31 days, I do not work 30 days. Shouldn’t they divide it by the number of days we work?

Anyone have any insight into this? I meet with the owner of the school tomorrow about other stuff and would like to know what is actually the real way it should be done in this country. Would rather try to work this out nicely than have it get ugly.



This happened to me too in Korea. i worked 15 days one month (the month I stopped working there), so when I got my pay they gave me half a month’s salary. We normally worked 20 or 21 days a month, so that didn’t go ever too well.
Your boss is just trying this to see if it works. Fight it. You may have to argue a long time, but you are in the right.

Legally, they can do that. Did it to me. My lawyer said that’s how it’s done.

Completely ridiculous, though.

So far as I know this isn’t standard.

My last job was salaried, and when there was time off, sick days etc it was calculated as (days worked / working days that month). My girl confirms that this is how her current job and all previous jobs do it.

So yeah, don’t fall for it. It may be a simple error - it’s not all that shocking that HR people or laobans would screw up incredbly obvious arithmetic, really.

As a side note to this…I’m getting paid. I mentioned I was going to talk to the owner of the school about it. She is often out of the country and has not been around for a while. She was back in town and I talked to her about it. Right as I mentioned how they figured out my pay, she said, “That’s not how they should have done it.”

Like I said, I wanted it to end in good nature. And it did. Phew.

Thi$ ended up being nicer than I thought.

I originally was asking them to give me the full pay for my 2 days I worked. Not that it would have made a HUGE difference, but it was more the principle of the thing. Through the whole ordeal, it dawned on my that they didn’t pay me full pay for January - since that’s when I left (I left towards the end of January and was gone most of February).

So today, I got nearly 1/2 of my monthly pay. What was supposed to be about $3000 ended up being a lot more.


My ex-husband’s companies (not schools) in Taiwan always paid in this way (total days in the month, not working days, as the basis) and believe me, they calculated every month as February if you missed work to deduct pay. :smiley: He was constantly livid when reviewing his pay stubs.