Paypal-NTD (or US) exchange

Hi Forumosa

My boss, bless his soul, decided to pay me via Paypal this week because he says he didn’t have enough account information from me during the pay period to send money to my account in Taiwan.

So right now most of my paycheque is in Paypal purgatory.

Is anyone interested in doing a Paypal to NTD or US cash exchange in person?

Why not just transfer it to your bank account from PayPal?

Most of it is being transferred right now, but I won’t see it for 4-5 business days. So I’m asking if anyone wants to exchange, say, 100-150 US for US cash or NTD.

I also need an exchange from Paypal, reason is that I have no Taiwan bank account for withdrawal. I am willing to add a few dollars for the exchange.