Paypal or other methods to get paid?


I am hoping to provide online English lessons through Skype or other videoconferencing platforms to Taiwanese students but as I am not living in Taiwan, is there a way to recieve payments such as Paypal? Is Paypal popular in Taiwan or used by Taiwanese to pay for goods or services? Is there an alternative?



paypal is good … even if your students don’t have one they can pay by debit/credit card in paypal


How about the currency conversion? Does Paypal do it automatically? If so, what rate they use?


I think they convert automatically, and the rate is not the best. Paypal make up for a slightly unfair rate by being widely used. The tradeoff is still worth it, IMO.

They tend to count funds in your home currency. Not sure on the specifics.


Sorry for asking a different topic here but I couldn’t add a new topic posting. I was wondering if anyone on this forum is using Skrill and has a Skrill card. Please pm me, I have some funds in my Skrill account that I want to withdraw out urgently and was hoping to work out an arrangement.


WU is what I use moving money around.