Paypal: Taiwan buyers cannot buy from Taiwan sellers?

So redoing our webpage, getting ready to launch. Wanted to run through the checkout proceas to make sure…and this happens…what the hell?

Is it true Taiwanese sellers are not allowed, by law, to sell to Taiwan customers using paypal??


Yes, this is a well known problem. Qing dynasty regulations.

You need to use ecpay et al.

Or you incorporate overseas, like most locals.

Top doublespeak award, “our system will be enhanced to ensure that domestic commercial payments will not be processed . . We will continue to enhance our platform and improve our services to serve your needs.”


It’s probably to do with illegal money transfers, laundering, loan sharking.

Well fugg…!

I have being arsed up the fug by paypal many times. With them freezing accounts, stealing funds and then making everyone go through E.sun bank, last one isnt bad just annoying. But this is about the last line.

Ecpay. Will look into it thanks.

What i need is a company that can take a fee, hopefully not crazy, and i can generate code to copy a shopping cart option into my page. Everything is setup already. I dislike those options where they want __% it makes automatic shopping online total hell for the seller as their profits are already eaten up by othet factors.

We have opened our corporation for a year and a half and gone through every possible bank/government retardedness one can concieve. Even fines based on their own rules we had to pay due to “sorry, we messed up”. Its to the point after all our investment we need to sell or go bankrupt.

Seriously…its easier in canada to be a neo nazi selling female aboriginal genocide kits, while dodging taxes, collecting EI and getting free fake heroin with new needles at the exchange…all the while making a killing selling hand knitted by local native grandma charity blankets to american tourists for 1300% markup. That might actually be easier than trying to setup a legal business in taiwan and sell your own farm grown, manufactured goods directly to customers legally. Now i get why almost all the food manufacturers here just say screw it and pay the fine when they get reported…its WAY cheaper!!

Though this is probably not paypals fault, more taiwan government aiming towards a digital currency while wanting to control all digital financial transactions (like china, just hiding in their shadow 2 steps back). This type of situation seems blatent anf worrisome. Or am i missing something?

Sooooo…with being fucked royally for almost the last time by Taiwanese “system” (seems paypal is old news, sorry, but lots of new government regulations that are retarded beyond PC culture disagreeing on the term retarded). What options are left? I need english (the reason i used paypal) because with money and financial law i dont trust my chinese level. Need to be able to insert script into my pages to allow an add to cart type deal. And dont want them raping me with 10 percent each click.

Anything around?

Maybe it is actually cheaper incorporating in canada now…? Whats going on?

Cheers for help. Apologies for rant. Time for some chinese made ceap beer qith 1 dollar coins. Next week might just join those guys sitting in the 7 parking lot drinking cooking wine.

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Wtf… It’s got to be a joke. You can’t use NO PayPal in a tw 2 tw transaction? Why?

Tell me you just made that up :rofl:

You have a couple of options, but they all have their drawbacks:

(1) Use Shopee or Pchome and sell as merchant on their platform. You may have your own website but the sale happens on their platform and they do the payment processing. This is what most local merchants do (that sell to the local market). (Shopee should have english backend option, since it operates in multiple countries).

(2) You have your own website and don’t want to be on somebody else’s platform. You can use Paypal for international buyers and have some logic in your checkout where local buyers are told to do a bank transfer and call you (or something like that). Or redirect only local buyers to your shopee page.

Or you apply for ecpay or opay and have full local and overseas credit card processing, 711 payment etc. but the application process is lengthy and their payment may not integrate super nicely with your shopping cart. The backend would be Chinese only. Opay famously used to refuse applications from companies with a foreign fuzeren but this should be solved now.

(3) Do what the big players do: Have an overseas entity (UK, Hk, Singapore, US, Canada, etc) process all payments (Stripe and Paypal etc) and a local Taiwanese entity do the fulfilment (for local buyers with a fapiao) and do transfer pricing to move money from the overseas entity to the local one. Depending on the size of your business, this may be overkill.

Good question. The current regulations seem to heavily favor local banks doing the payment processing. Probably because they are easier to get a hold of in cause of fraud.

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Seems most common online transaction is direct ATM transfer. It’s also hard to reverse in case of frauds or mistakes.

You may have to do it this way, seeing that 99% of all Taiwanese businesses take payment this way. A lot of them won’t even take credit cards. Cashless transaction is really behind in Taiwan. In China everything’s Alipay and nobody carries cash around.

May I remind you of this…

Even Sweden is backtracking from it’s cashless society goal. You give up a lot more than you think by going cashless.

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Does anyone know if Taiwan is going to block facebook Libra digital curency when it is released next year? With facebook as big as it is here should be an interesting one to watch develop…

Cashless society is about the most reckless thing a country can do…the fact taiwan is slow and loves cash is perhaps one of the finest attributes to this country. Its simply amazing how many people think its not important.

But i, like many, still want to make money online. Deposit it. And withdraw it in a physical form.

Very old thread but: is anyone aware of any new good option for a Taiwanese company to accept online payments from Taiwanese customers (I use Shopify) without having to rely on one of the awful local services?

We use Ecpay. No english option i dont think.