PayPal withdrawal to Taiwan account?

I want to use PayPal in Taiwan, an option that PayPal offers. Now I’m not sure about the details required. The PayPal form asks the following:

Bank Name: Union Bank (聯邦銀行) [in my case]
Acc. type: “Checking” or “Saving” [I suppose “saving”, cause the acc. reads: “活期儲蓄存款存摺”]
Bank code: 803 [for “Union Bank”]
Wire Transfer Branch Code: :question:
Beneficiary ID Type: Foreign Passport Holder [obviously]
Beneficiary ID: ARC no. :question: [obvious]

Thanks for any info.

There is a thread on this somewhere else. None of us were ever able to get this to work.

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When I tried to get my taiwanese bank account added to my Paypal account, I contacted them for help. They told me they weren’t sure where I would find this information and so they called the bank for me. They still could not find the information. In the end they said they would not accept a Taiwanese bank account. However, this may be because I have a Canadian credit card already on my Paypal account. So this may not always be the case, but they seemed to be saying it is too much of a hassle.