PC and Console Gamers- a question

I’m working on a little project as part of the selection criteria for a job in the game industry, and I would just like some opinions from gamers on character creation screens.

If you could spare a minute, tell me the good and bad about your experiences with these systems and give examples where possible. Also tell me what you would like to see in a character creation screen.

I’m particularly interested in customizing your character’s appearance- and not so interested in stats.

I already have a rough design plan and may tweak it according to the responses of gamers in the 20 something forums I have posted this in.


i think a forum like teamxbox or xbox-scene are probably better places to ask this kind of questions (if not already done)…

i suggest you check games like def jam that offer some cool customisation features.

Definitely look at Def Jam: FFNY. Best Barbie-doll game I’ve played. My friends and I spent more time dressing up then actually fighting.

I found the character appearance creation screen for EVE to be pretty intuitive. You can get a free key and download the client to give it a try.