PC Games for a long flight?

Have a 14hr flight coming up, any suggestions for addictive games for the laptop to pass the time? I’m thinking a lot of action games are out as using a mouse on the plane is difficult at best and the touch pad not really suited to gaming… Free games online would be good, don’t have much time to go out and purcahse before the flight. Anyone know of a good Monopoly game downloadable for free?

You could try Pawn, a very small chess program. Fast, easy to use, and plays well.
Then there’s Blobs Peg Solitaire. 99 levels ranging from easy to impossible. (see the Puzzle section of Download.com)

How about an addicitve side-scroller? There are plenty of free ones out there.

Games Software at Download.com:
download.com/Games/2001-2012 … ag=stbc.gp

try http://www.pogo.com. There are lots of games you can download for free.

I don’t know if they have the demos downloadable, but Popcap.com is the shiznizzle.

Thanks for the ideas so far guys, had a quick look at the sites. What I’m really after is something I can play on a laptop, on the plane for 5 or 6 hours to pass a good chunk of the journey. Playing Half Life 2 at home at the moment, would definitely fit the bill timewise, put impractical to play on a touchpad, Americas Army would similarly be great, but obviously playing online would be difficult. Any ideas on something that will cause 5 hours to disappear, even if not free?

You could always try going oldskool and getting some emulators, cranking out the retro Nintendo and Sega goodness.

How about a classic strategy/role playing game like Civ III or Age of Empires or Might and Magic (VIII, IX or so)? Engaging, easy on the CPU, and guaranteed to suck 5 hours from your life without you’re noticing it. :wink:

(Plus you can get them for dirt cheap at Guang Hua market, since they’re a few years old)

Thanks again guys, going with your idea Gubo, managed to dig up some old and forgotten about copies of AOA and Stronghold. Doesn’t look like I will get to waste much time though, my travel agent says that EVA have no power points in their super economy…two batts should get me 2~3 hours I suppose…anyone tried and gotne away with ducking into the toilet for an hour or so and re-charging off the shaver socket?!

How about a flight simulator? You could enter the course and fly your route in real time, pretending to be the pilot (only with the added benefit of being able to guzzle beer while you fly). :wink:

Championship Manager is a great game to pass the time, more suitable for the soccer fans among us.