PC police 2019 edition


surprised there are not more PC news…

I like this one:

I learned some Taiwanese I can use:

In the caption, the Taiwanese tourist said that the village was crowded with “a-lag-ah” when they visited it on Tuesday.

The sight sent their “patriotic sentiment through the roof,” they said.

The term “a-lag-ah” is a colloquial phrase typically used by Taiwanese who speak Hoklo (commonly known as Taiwanese), and is sometimes used derogatively to describe Chinese. It is derived from the Chinese word “dalu” (大陸, “mainland”).


PC police strikes again

From what I found, all of her films and movies are Taiwanese. If she’s thinking she’s about to hit a major starting role in China going past mid 30s as an actress, she’s delusional. Hope she can kiss her career goodbye biting the hand they fed her.

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So, like in Hollywood where the lesser leading ladies get thrown out past 40yrs old, in China, it seems they get dumped past 25/26 years old?



She doesnt even have that much star power in Taiwan, her own people. Good luck with the Chinese market and beyond kissing communist ass.



If she kisses ass hard enough, they’ll probably give her a spot on some lame TV show that’s a copy of some stupid American TV show. This is a legitimate career choice for washed up and second-rate Taiwanese actors (i.e. most Taiwanese actors).



I’ve never heard the alagah word before. Feelsbadman.