Pc to Mac Email font Problem


Wonder if you can help with this? Whenever I get an email from my sister from either her home or office PC some of the text is wrong. An example:

I have had a look at the language on my pc and it’s set correctly – may be worth keeping a copy of this e-mail.

I have changed the Font to Times New Roman for this e-mail back to you – wonder if this is any better – perhaps your machine doesn’t support the “Calibri body� font.

As you can see she has changed fonts and it is still not correct. It makes reading her email very difficult. It doesn’t happen with email sent from anyone else.

I’m running a MacBook, Safari and 10.4.11

Thanks for any advice.


i bet you have both got different text encodings (view (menu bar) for changing on the fly). if you both have the same encoding it’s better.

some encodings are written the same way in both mac and PC, some are radically different. both choose a neutral one, like Unicode UTF-8 and you should be fine (she probably has hers set to Western-Windows 1252, or perhaps Western IBM, which are not very congruent with Macs. )

character codes in mac and PCland are written in reverse directions, AFAIK (at least they used to be), and you can also change this in some Mac environments, and you can also choose to ‘send windoze friendly attachments’ in some mac email programs (not that it’s a problem in most webmails).

someone needs to correct me if I’m wrong here…


She just sent me one today with no problems. I haven’t changed anything here yet.

Any idea why it is just her I have problems with?..apart from the fact she’s my big sister :stuck_out_tongue: