PCHome Fail, again!

Yes, I should have known better. But after PCHome screwed up two previous orders, surely they couldn’t do it a third time, right?

Wrong. So I ordered some merchandise last week. It arrived promptly (I give them that - they are fast). The goods, made in China, defective of course. I want to return them, something I have done before successfully. But after logging into my account on the PCHome web site, it shows that I’ve made no purchases in the past three months. If I click on “history” it does show those other ancient purchases (which I returned), but not the purchase I made last week. Great - they have no record that I ever bought it.

So I’m sending Customer Service email. I do have an order number and a receipt that I paid. Who knows how this will end?

But I can say with certainty, I will NEVER EVER purchase anything from them again! Three out of four orders screwed up - it’s enough.

Just an update in case anybody is interested: I’m going to have to eat the loss. The product is an adapter that is supposed to let you hook up a VGA port on a computer to the AVI or S-video ports on an old TV set. It doesn’t work at all, totally defective.

If you want to return an item to PCHome, you need to login into your account and then find the item in the list of things you’ve ordered, and then with a few mouse-clicks you can choose to return it within 7 days of purchase. The problem is that there appears to be no record in my account that I bought this device. This is simply PCHome’s defective software tracking system. Since I have an order number, it should be a simple matter to get this corrected, if I could only contact a human in Customer Service. Apparently that is impossible. There is no Customer Service email, so you have to call on the phone (long-distance, in my case). I’ve called repeatedly - all you get is a computer that walks you through a couple of voice menus, finally telling you that all their Customer Service representatives are busy, so call back later. They are ALWAYS too busy, so all you gain by repeatedly calling is a big phone bill, with no resolution of the issue.

Yes, I know many of you have never had an issue with PCHome. I successfully bought one item from them in the past. As long as the item isn’t defective or you can return it, there should be no issue. But here I have a defective item, and their computer won’t let me return it.

Previous time I ordered something, their defective software allowed me to place the order for an item that they no longer carried. I had a hard time but did eventually get the money back in that case. Prior to that, I ordered an item which also proved to be defective, and spent nearly two months chasing a refund, but at least that time the defective item showed up in my account - this time that is not the case.

In view of all the above, I can’t see any way it makes sense to buy anything from PCHome. All the aggravation and loss of money offsets any small saving I would gain by not purchasing at a local bricks-and-mortar shop.