Why are there many different prices on pchome? Does pchome just source different companies to be listed on their website with different prices?

Some products are listed at 9900nt and the same product could be 11500nt or 12000nt.

It could be the difference between half day delivery, same day delivery, next day delivery.

There’s also the possibility of different sellers on the website. A brick and mortar store could have Pchome host their online store, kind of like how Amazon does it.

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Some orders are 24 hours, others are regular delivery. Just rank orders via price, and go from there.

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Anyone know if PCHome24 delivers on Sunday if you ordered on Saturday?

Yes they do. It is 24h aslong as you order before around 6pm, might take a bit longer. The prices differ because they source from different companies, if it is available, they have it in stock though and will be 24h delivery. If not, you can order and it will take a few days, though i’ve always got my stuff next day without fail, includes computer parts, peripherals, cat food, household appliances, odds and ends.

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