PCR test for the flight to the UK

Hi guys,

Is there anyone who recently flew from Taiwan to The UK with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul? Is PCR test required for the flight if you only transit in Turkey ?
Got in touch with Turkish Airlines via messenger and they said PCR test is not needed, can’t get through to the Turkish Airlines office in Taipei to double check.

If the airline says its not needed then its not needed. It certainly feels weird, but I flew to the Uk via dubai a few weeks back and required nothing except a passport.

I don’t think there are any countries that require a PCR for transit now (except Taiwan of course). Most of them never did.


Taiwan requires PCR for transit? Is that just done deliberately to disuade passengers from transitting here. We are already on like 80, 000 cases a day or however many I forget.

Afaik Taiwan doesn’t allow transit at all.


Wow. I never knew it. I haven’t left in over two years. Thanks for the info.

I am doing the same flight shortly. According to this link, as a UK passport holder there is no COVID documentation required for traveling from TPE to UK via IST. If your personal info is different, you should be able to find out from the link I assume.


Hopefully they will scrap the PCR requirement for the return journey soon, too.


If you are a citizen/resident does taiwan require it for entry (returning)?

At the moment, yes.

I’m taking that route in a few weeks. 5 hour layover in Dubai then direct to Manchester.

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Dubai is probably worth a stop over if affordable and doable

I did the route Taiwan-Dubai-London in the past. I like Istanbul airport more. It is busier, better shops. Will have a 3 hour layover there.
There are great views when the plane takes off in Dubai though.

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