PDA/GPS recommendation?

can someon recommend me a good GPS/PDA/Cell phone? I will use it mainly for the GPS function (for using in the car, with papago so it shoudl be windows) secondary is PDA then cell phone. price isn’t that big of an issue I just want a good one…but maybe not that expensive…any recommendation or links? thanks in advance

Asus have some that are pretty cheap and have built in GPS units.
HTC has one now as well and there are a few other companies that makes them as well.

[quote=“TheLostSwede”]Asus have some that are pretty cheap and have built in GPS units.
HTC has one now as well and there are a few other companies that makes them as well.[/quote]

model number?

I bought myself the state-of-the-art Dopod CHT9000. 20.000 TWd, but damn worth the investment. Name it and it is on board. Running under windows mobile5.0, having outlook, excel, word… voice recognition…

I installed mapking GPS and it runs incredible smoothly.
Before, I had an Ipaq, which was not bad, but this one ROCKS.
If money is no issue, just by the latest technology. I will keep mine for years.

Mio has a couple of devices as well, but imho, their software sucks

i had a mio (136rs? - on sale now in carrefour for about 6.5k)… unit itself was great, but the gps software needs some work… i installed papago on it and it ran without a problem… only problem with papago is that only the menu could be in english… voice instructions, roads etc. were still in chinese… the ‘speed camera warning’ function of papago sucks… it often tells you AFTER you’ve passed the camera, or as you’re right next to it… and you can’t disable the ‘overspeed’ warnings (so i just set the warnings to extremely high speeds)

MIO +s

chinese input supported handwriting, bepeme AND pinyin… also some other systems i can’t use but my sis-in-law can (the other ones you see on ‘chinese’ PC keyboards)

screen was clear and easy to read

system was fairly fast and easy to use

system menus could be set to english

MIO -s

BATTERY LIFE - this was a serious issue… sometimes the system could run papago on battery for 4 hours, sometimes only 2…

occasionally crashed

the freewriting notepad feature sucks and is not so easy to use

handwriting delay could be a bit longer… many times i was writing a chinese character i didn’t know, so of course wrote slowly, and it decided i was finished writing halfway through the character…

english handwriting recognition needs a little work, though it’s not overly bad… pretty much on par with other systems i’ve seen…

WHY DON’T I HAVE ONE ANYMORE? … let the missus and her mum use it for playing games… whenever they put it away and plugged it in to charge, they pushed the charger in so hard that it eventually pushed the pda-side charger part INTO the pda… hence making it impossible to charge. 4000NT to fix, or 6500 for a new one with a warranty (my warranty had expired)

WOULD I BUY ONE AGAIN? yeah i would, unless i can find one with better battery life… as that was my main annoyance…

on that topic, i’ve just found the mio A701… sells on yahoo for around 15000NT… seems to almost be a 168 (i had a 168 not 136) with additional features… eg. it’s a phone. it has wifi. it has bluetooth.

looks like i’ve found my next phone :slight_smile:

And it’s crap, I wrote a review of it over here - reghardware.co.uk/2006/04/28 … _mio_a701/

  • a few months ago…

well i’ve done a little more research… nokia has the N95… but release isn’t confirmed in the asia-pacific, and there isn’t stylus input… which sucks for me writing chinese, as most nokia phones won’t allow chinese input unless you’re in chinese menu mode…

as for the mio… i would be installing PAPAGO… which i was quite happy using on my old mio pda… much better than mio-map, except that it wasn’t quite as good at locating nearby facilities… PDA battery usage was about the same as the quoted usage on this phone…

it’s a tough decision… the nokia has so many more features… but… oh well… got a few other toys on my shopping list too. guess i’ll get those first and then see what’s available at that time