PDA in English. WHere?

Where can I get a PDA in English? I am fond of the palm 515 or the sony CLIE SJ33/G or something comparable. Most of the places I’ve looked have every thing in chinese and can’t or won’t get an English one.

Strange, everywhere I went (when I was looking) had them in English. “Where’s everywhere you ask?”. Nova, FNAC, 3C to name a few. I think most (if not all) Palm’s come with English installed and need to get the Chinese language install. Then they’re dual booting (English or Chinese).

Maybe Ski is new to the Chinese electronics environment and got scared off by all the Chinese people and Chinese advertisings. Almost all advertisings have become localized these past few years. But yes, I purchased a PDA in Taiwan and received both English and Chinese software and documentation.

Solution: Carry and study information from web sites on PDA

I bought a Mitac MIO which came with Chinese Windows CE, and a text reader. I’ve managed to install Microsoft’s Transcriber handwriting recognition software on it, as well as Adobe’s Acrobat for Pocket PC, for but have had absolutely no luck with the Microsoft ebook Reader. This is frustrating as a lot of ebooks are in MS Reader’s .LIT format, and I’d love to get at that content.

MS Reader will install itself on the Pocket PC, with a message that it has some new fonts so that Pocket PC needs to be reset before use. There is only 1 reset button I can see… after the reset, I can doubleclick on the software icon or on .LIT documents, but neither will open. The error message says something like there is some software that’s missing.

Has anyone encountered similar problems and found out how to solve it?

I got my Sony (Palm OS) from Nova with everything in English.

Get all the info off the web first, then go price-shopping.

The thing is, I don’t mind having the Chinese OS as it can come in handy. But I want the English frills as well!