PDA phone anyone?

I am interested in buying a mobile phone with a PDA, but I’m not sure what’s recommended. Are anyone using one? Budget needed?

I would need to be able to synchronize contact details with my computer, but I do not wish to synchronize with Outlook. (One too many virus attacks has given me an allergy towards it).

Does a phone like a Treo take a SIM card? If it doesn’t, how would you get service in Taiwan? (Yet I’ve seen them for sale here so there must be some way…)???

i have a handspring tre 270g… great phone/pda combo. has infra red and usb sync.

naturally it accepts a sim. phone volume is a little low but this is a minor complaint. check out the new treo 600… looks very VERY nice.

however if i were to buy again i would get the kyocera 7100 - kyocera-wireless.com/7100_ph … series.htm

That Kyocera phone looks great! Just wonder if it’s available in Taiwan. With English OS. :?

Like the keyboard on the Treo. Is that actually convenient to use?

If you bought your Treo in Taiwan, how much should I have to expect to pay for one?

It depends on what software you want to run on your PDA phone. Different phones run different operating systems. The Kyocera 7100 mentioned above runs Palm OS, wheras the Nokia that I have runs Symbian. Others run Pocket PC. Not every application developer supports all mobile phone platforms. I suppose someone will get Windows onto a phone one day in the not-too-distant future.

How’s Symbian? Maybe not so much software available for it eh?

I’ve used a Compaq Aero. (The IPAQ predecessor) it came with Windows CE 3.0 But I found it unstable. Had to reset once a day or something.

I’d prefer a PDA Phone with palm OS. Want to use some dictionary software and Chinese flash cards.

All the new phones will sync with a PC.

for phone+ PDA I will suggest to go with Symbian based ( Nokia, Ericsson, Sony… about 18 phone makers are partners )

I have been using Nokia 9210 for last 1 year now, it is very stable only drawback is the size :frowning:
P-800 from Sony-Ericsson is good has evey thing but $$$ ( about NT$25K)
Plus there a lot of sites which have symbian s/w to d/l

CE based have a problem with power management, max 1.5-2 days, normal conditions you will need to charge it every day.

Plam based phone have not been very succesful, as palm in really not suited for phones.

If you got $$$ go for P-800 or if you don’t mind the size 9210.

I’m not familiar with Symbian so I cant comment, but I do have experience with Palm OS and the Windows system. Would recomend the Palm myself. Functions the same (essesntially)… Windows might look prettier tho…

I have seen the Treos in Taipei for under NT$18k (Nova Bldg)

Good luck