I am techie inept (if that is even a word). I have a laptop which I love and find very useful but I also want a pda just for travlling and all I basically need it to do is store a few e books on it, jot a few notes down and connect to my e mail. I live in taichung. Any suggestions?

Thank you

If you use your PDA for intensive reading, meaning that you’d actually read a whole book, I suggest getting something with finer resolution. Since I’d always suggest a Palm (palm.com), that unfortunately gets you into the more pricey models with color (i.e. the Tungsten line). However, if you don’t mind the lower-rez Palm models, then you could get a cheaper grayscale version. In this case, you’d get a lot more in battery life for extended reading, which is a concern when using the color, hi-rez models. Just make sure the model you choose has expansion capability, meaning a port for a SD card or MultiMedia Card. You’ll most likey need that for storing e-books.

check these out:

Tungsten from Palm

a few of the Clies depending on your needs

some of the Ipaqs have good reviews. check out model 1940.

Toshiba has a good value model.

I have three PDAs right now, and the one I prefer for e-books would be the black and white Clie. The screen is high-resolution, and it has a white backlight, but the battery life is enough that I don’t feel like I’m using up all my batteries and might be left without entertainment on a long flight. My color Clie eats power like Homer Simpson at an all-you-can-eat shrimp bar.

I also read e-books on my monochrome Visor Pro, which is fine, but it doesn’t have the MemoryStick that the Clies can use. I can fit a LOT of books on that thing (128MB is huge for Palm stuff.)

Thank you for the input. I’m off to the shops tomorrow.