PDF conversion issues

I occasionally have a Microsoft WORD files or two which needs to be converted to PDF.

Formerly, I would just email those files to a friend, and he would convert them and email them back.

Unfortunately however, this friend is in the process of moving back to Europe.

So, my inquiry is – Is there anyone with the full Adobe Acrobat program who could help in converting an occasional Microsoft WORD file to PDF?

[ My contact email is as below. ]

Hartzel, if you can’t find anyone, you could try Cutepdf writer, cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp
it’s a free download without any of that annoying “sample” watermark unless you buy it crap.
It installs in just a few minutes and you just use it like you wuold send the document to your printer, give it a filename and your all set.

You could get a PostScript printer driver, print your document into a file and convert it with a free online ps to pdf converter.

Here you can get the PostScript Printer drivers for Windows.
adobe.com/support/downloads/ … rm=Windows

Here is the online converter.

There is plenty of cheap or free pdf writer software out there. Most of them you need to pay something like 20-50 USD to get from the trial version (which leaves watermarks etc or only prints the first page) to the full functional versions.

If you look a little bit more deeper, there are also several really free programms.
Try e.g. pdfforge.org/products/pdfcreator
(haven’t tried that one by myself)

Let me know if it works, if not, I come up with more alternatives…

You could install OpenOffice.org. Just open the Word File in that program then export it as a PDF.

Or download a free program called PDF redirect. This installs itself as a printer, but instead of printing the file creates a PDF.