.pdf document

I received an email with attachment in PDF file. When I tried to open a PDF -file, it displays an error message that says: “Error format: PDF format is not correct, or the file is corrupted”
Then I tried to open my .pdf other tools for .pdf files, but they showed once again that same error message.
There is an option to solve this problem?

Sounds like a corrupted file. I’d contact the person who sent the document, inform them about the corruption and ask them to re-send it.

Sometimes different solutions may help you, if not; see resources below where you find more variants of restoration .pdf documents…

openfiletool.com/pdfopen.html PDF Open File Tool

How to overcome your issue see below:

< Navigate to the location with the corrupted PDF file. Right-click on it and select “Rename.” Type any other file name and hit “Enter.” Sometimes, a simple rename can troubleshoot corrupt PDFs.
< Make sure your Adobe Reader is in working condition. Open any other PDF files on your hard drive to make sure the problem is not originating from your Adobe Reader. If it does, reinstall Reader from Adobe’s website.
< Update Adobe Reader. Launch Adobe Reader from the Start menu under “All Programs.” Click on the “Help” tab and select “Check for Updates…” Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installing the updates. Try re-opening the PDF file.

Some programs have problems with file names that are in Chinese. The renaming suggestion is a good one: rename it to something with only alphanumeric characters.