Peacefest, June 1-3, Longtan, Taoyuan

Hey all,

If you like music in the outdoors, please mark your calendars for the Peacefest, June 1-3rd at Kunlun Gardens outside Longtan, Taoyuan. This is our fourth year and the fest has already become one of the best-known music and art festivals of the Taiwan year. It is, as always, completely non-profit and run by volunteers. The proceeds this year will go to the Taiwan Association for Human Rights, Taiwan International Workers’ Association, and Basic Human Needs, a free school and clinic for street kids in Varanasi, India.

Music runs from 9pm on Friday until 4:30pm Sunday, and includes world music, rock and roll, reggae, blues, rockabilly, punk, oldtime, Macedonian music, Taiwan aboriginal music, folk, soul, jazz, electronica, and even a tri-lingual punk rock puppet musical. As usual there will be workshops, games, and activities running throughout the days, and there will be booths set up with information about various charitable groups and peace-work worldwide. There will be a wide selection of affordable food and drink from all over the world, and there is ample space for free camping, either right onsite or a bit further away for those who need more peace & quiet. There are also rooms (with spa access) which may be rented for the weekend through the festival website.

This year the festival’s been timed to coincide with the full moon (which falls on Friday), and Friday night has been stacked with talent, including Faye & the Slacks, the Anglers (playing their last show for the foreseeable future), Public Radio, .22, and DJs Marcus Aurelius & Dragon. Sunset Saturday features the peace circle, followed shortly thereafter by a fire show. Admission is free on Sunday, and kids’ activities run all day.

There’s a great video from last year’s fest on

the skinny:

Peace Festival 2007
June 1-3, 9pm Friday to 4:30pm Sunday
Kunlun Herb Gardens, Longtan, Taoyuan County
600nt weekend pass / family pass
Sunday Free Admission, kids’ activities throughout the day
Free camping & rooms available for rent
More info & performance schedule on

Featured bands:

88 Guava Seeds
Ad Hoc
The Admissionaries
The Anglers
Boogie Chillin’
Brian Funshine
Charlie Swiggs Band
David Chen and the Muddy Basin Ramblers
DJ Marcus Aurelius
Faye & the Slacks
Full house
Heavy Smoker
the idiots
Kimbo (胡德夫)
Macedonian Music Band
Militant Hippi
Mister Green & Highway 9
The Money Shot Horns
Native Space
New Hong Kong Hair City
Pan Africana Cultural Troupe
Public Radio
Rabbit Is Rich
Ren Jian Bao Puppet Theatre
Rocket Grrrl
Sophie & Cemelesai from Totem
Stereotypes (DJs Cap & That Guy)
to a god unknown
Uli & the Brood

…now that’s a lot of candy for yer nickel, ain’t it?

hope to see you all there. peace,


If you go, please please respect the environment by putting your trash in the proper recycling or general trash receptacle or taking it home with you. Last year volunteers spend several days trying to clean the trash up. It was the same the year before, I heard. I had to quit the job on the third day due to sunburn and blisters I got from stamping on hundreds of beer cans to compact them. Please finish your drinks or use them to water a tree. It’s no fun emptying unfinished drinks all day - especially when there are cigarette ends in the can - disgusting habit. Unfinished food soon starts to stink and attract flies. The best place for food is in your stomach.

This is a peace festival - Let’s make peace with the Earth, OK?

You forgot to say “maaan” at the end.
Apart from that, you’re RIGHT ON, MAAAN!
EVERYTHING you eat or drink up there has to be carted up by volunteers. EVERYTHING you leave behind has to be carted all the way down again at the end.
I was frankly a bit disgusted with the filth that was generated last year, simply because people were too damn lazy to clean up after themselves.
Show a bit of respect, people!

Juba, I heartily agree. And thanks very much for helping out with the trash last year; we (& especially the Captain) were very grateful for your boundless volunteerism. We are really doing our best to keep the trash and recycling separate, and to mark things clearly (they will be even clearer this year), but we do need more help from the concert-goers… As you say, this is a PEACE festival & the point of it is not just to raise money, but to raise awareness… Peace starts at home, in our daily life, habits of consumption, and conduct.

That being said, I think I should mention that the crowd that does come out to the Peace Fest are really among the nicest of crowds… I’ve certainly seen a lot more trash left around after other events, and so far we’ve never had any security problems, which is a real blessing and a testament to the type of folks that already come. Let’s just try and be a little bit better about bearing in mind that somebody always has to pick up what we put down, and hopefully lead by example in that way.

Stoked for the event. Hope to see you all up in the hills! Peace,


Sounds like a hoot.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the crowd that Peacefest attracts. I’d say it’s my favourite show of the year, even.
But you know, if everyone tucked just ONE black trashbag into their packs before they come, and filled it with empties or trash before they left… it would take like 5 minutes to do and would make such a difference, IMO.

Ya, Maaaan!
I put up a notice on my website for all those other South Africans (and not only Miela :smiley:) to check out Peace Fest 2007. I’m sure if you get someone to organize some boerewors, you’ll get more Saffas there!
I found this cool vid on Youtube:
Starring: Peace Dave, Scott and I think I also saw Julia and Cat in there somewhere! :banana:

I can’t attend meself, but I’ll howl at the moon on Friday, ey?
Have a Lekka time!

Peace out…

I wish I could make it to this.

For anyone that has not heard Faye and the Slacks, definitely check them out. I’m sure the other bands are great as well. They just made an impression on me at Spring Scream.

Hope it’s a great time for all!