Pearson PUblishing

anyone heard of pearson publishing? or work for them-taiwan branch? they are largest educational publsihing house in the world…you can check out thier stats on the web…

i was recently offered a job with them as an editor…any thoughts?

as you say,they’re a huge company. I’ve freelanced as an editor for the Taiwan branch. No complaints.

Pearson is an excellent team to join.
This is easily the best firm I have ever worked for.
Three reasons for this are: good managers, pleasent co-workers and interesting, varied projects.
There is a lot asked from you, but working for this company could be one of the best things you’ll ever do.


so do you work there now as well ? what position do you hold? thanks

If possible, could you tell us some more details about what type of work you will be doing? Will you be working in their branch office or at home? Also, what kind of projects will you be working on? Or Salmon, can you tell us about what kind of freelance work you have done for them?

It sounds as if this is a good company to work for. I wish you the best of luck if you do decide to take the job.