Pecans? Frozen pie crusts?

I have a hankering for pecan pie… where can I find these ingredients?

Costco has pecans (as of a couple weeks ago). Wellman Grocer in Tianmu (Zhongshan N. Rd.) has frozen pie crusts, Graham crust I think (last I checked, about 2 years ago).

If you have lots of cash you could try the new “Super City” supermarket in the basement of the Far Eastern Hotel on Dunhua Rd South, I didn’t see Pecans but did dee lts of cake/pie related stuff.

You can definetly find pie crusts at Mami’s on shida road, and they probably have pecans there also.

Sorry, I checked for you while at Costco near the Minquan bridge, and they’re out of pecans at the moment. Any other time I’ve seen pecans they’ve been in very small bags, and expensive. The large Costco bags weren’t cheap, but were more economical. They go in and out of stock. Right now they have walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, and mixed fancy nuts, as well as Ghirardelli’s (sp?) chocolate chips.
You can make your own pie crusts, though; it’s not too hard.

Grandma Nitti’s has pie crusts too.