Peer to Peer Lending

I have been reading about it for a while and want to get my toe in. I have been hitting roadblocks though. As a Canadian my options are limited and the only international ones I can find are BTCjam and something scary called webexchange. As much as I would love to do the bitcoin thing the idea of making money off of bitcoins when they will most likely continue down in the real world is a little annoying.

I love the intelligence of the crowd, so I thought I might as well ask here. It helped when I was looking for fetal pigs! :slight_smile:

Your is the only post here i’ve found on peer to peer lending, so thanks for that! I’m interested in it also.
Just to get started, here is an article that talks about Lnb (Lend and Borrow), Taiwan’s largest P2P lending platform.

With interest rates as low as 2.5% ?!!
(That being said, apparently the interest rates of traditional bank loans in Taiwan are already very low.)