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We say: “我被騙了 Wǒ bèi piàn le!” in Chinese when…

  1. Someone scammed my money,
  2. Someone lied to my face,
  3. Someone tricked me into doing something WRONG!

I proudly present this clear and short lesson on the usage of Chinese passive form - 被 bèi

Let me know what you all think. Happy Learning! :wink:


Can we ask questions here in English for greater understanding?

Also, can you make Traditional Chinese versions or make both appear onscreen? Members here primarily live in Taiwan and use Traditional Chinese.


Hi certainly! All the vocabulary and sentence examples are in Traditional, Simplified, Pinyin and English.


NEW VIDEO!!! :tada:Are you hungry? I mean, you hungry for a new Chinese lesson??? :rofl:I am certainly hungry for some tasty Chinese dumplings and for a fun Chinese lesson! This is another lesson on HSK Level 4 Intermediate Chinese. We learn Sequential Transitions (First, … Then, … Next, … Finally, …) in the context of COOKING DUMPLINGS! :dumpling::dumpling::dumpling:

CAPTIONS ON to follow or OFF to practice your listening comprehension.

There are some a bit more advanced vocabulary. I explain what they are in the video. You can also download and print out the worksheet to study them.

Tasty Learning! :blush:


【NEW VIDEO :tada:HSK 3 Intermediate Chinese | A Thief’s Mindologue with 著/着 Zhe
Enjoy another role-play Chinese lesson with me. :blush: This time I went all out! In order to teach you the usage of 著/着 zhe, I broke into my own apartment! :rofl:

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【NEW VIDEO :tada:Traveling Taiwan | Heavenly Cuisine in Taipei 101 旅遊台灣 | 台北101之台菜饗宴
Take a trip with me to the 85th floor of the Taipei 101 building and enjoy four traditional Taiwanese dishes at Shinyeh Dining! :relieved:
The four dishes I introduce are:

  1. Mullet Roe 烏魚子/乌鱼子
  2. Radish Omelet 菜脯蛋
  3. Three Cup Chicken 三杯雞/三杯鸡
  4. Buddha Jumps Over The Wall 佛跳牆/佛跳墙
    Finally, a lesson on Chinese idioms that describe delicious food! :yum:
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Thanks so much GooseEgg! The posts look A LOT better now. :innocent:


Street Mandarin 街頭華語】is a NEW video series! This 1st episode features CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Learn the most authentic Chinese from random people on the streets of Taiwan!

Make sure you turn on ENGLISH CAPTIONS.
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【Traveling Taiwan】Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi【旅遊台灣】平溪天燈
Join me at one of the largest cultural events in Pingxi Taiwan! :izakaya_lantern:I introduce Lantern Festival and the meaning behind these sky lanterns. Since street interviews are so popular, I interviewed people asking what they prayed for the New Year as they released their sky lanterns.


NEW VIDEO :tada:
【HSK4 Intermediate Chinese】停,靜心 Stop, Meditate :relieved:
This video is in Chinese only. Turn on English captions or watch the lesson with the worksheet. We learn three grammar points categorized in HSK4 Intermediate Chinese. They are:
按時 ànshí (on schedule)
本來 běnlái (originally)
使 shǐ (to cause)
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Great stuff.

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Hey thank you so much! :blush: Check out my other video series: Street Mandarin and Traveling Taiwan. You might like them.