Pelosi visiting Taiwan in August 2022

Well. It does. If they were random people, my point still stands, because chances are, they as a whole tend to favour blue views because dissent was crushed in their times.


Not really understanding why having disagreements would cause you to be ‘out’. But you do you.

This is what kills Democracy. People stop talking and trying to understand other’s point of view. Democracy is great when we try to learn all perspectives. It’s reason how Trump was elected…shame. True freedom is bigger than right or wrong…rich or poor.

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Because you are making wild aspersions on people im with and their background, with no grounding. It doesnt matter if they were my friends or not.

And also why does it matter what their political background is? The point on Taiwan Twitter is that Taiwanese are not worried about war or not talking about war, when probably, the pool of people they meet is limited.

I’m not. Statistically speaking… the views of older people are going to be different than the youths.

And your pool is not? You’re literally basing the opinion off a few older friends.

. . . which was not my point. I haven’t even been following those discussions on twitter. You brought them up!


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Well they are just annoying me in general. Just continuously repeating that Taiwanese arent talking about war, and its just the Western media.


Appreciate the clarification. Thank you.


but you are making aspersions about their political roots.

Well, not really, as im not the one saying ‘nobody’ in Taiwan is talking about it. All the talk shows and stuff are. People are talking about it, at least in the Taiwa n I live in and the people I talk to. If i was going to make such a definitive statement that ‘Taiwanese dont talk about war’ and then chide the international press for getting things wrong, I would at least broaden my research pool.

Yeah apologies, wasnt directed at you.

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Idk about Twitter but it is very obvious to me that Taiwanese do not consider the threat of war as imminent. The western media on the other hand it’s one sensationalized report after the other.

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Well… unlike your pool of contacts, the Chinese invading is a topic that is almost never discussed in my pool of contacts.

Recent discussions include:

am I going to quarantine for entering Taiwan

I like Icewine, can you buy some for me in Canada?

Please buy for me Clean it Zero by Banila in Korea.

Talk to me about Canada and your family and how Italian weddings work.

Go on YouTube and look at what is trending in Taiwan today, across the board, the blue green media is talking about the Pelosi visit.As with all the political opinion shows. I haven’t been on ptt or dcard to check today, but they talk about this stuff a lot

The average person eating lunch or working at a noodle stand has other things to care about. And you are right that it is less of a conversation topic than Western media would make out, but at the same time, these Taiwan correspondents on Twitter are either being disingenuous or just lazy

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love the last point haha. Very present point of discussion with family and friends too here given our wedding next year.

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Sure, great. Exactly

I wouldn’t claim that all Taiwanese talk about war all the time though.

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We are on the exact same page on this. I don’t care about Twitter, I was comparing average Taiwanese with western media.

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Twitter is an echo chamber for the unthinking and reactionary.

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Out of curiosity how come Taiwan doesn’t have gun rights? I think this is imperative especially threat coming from China. Every person should protect themselves…look at Ukrain.

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Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Either way, there’s nothing I can do about it.

But for me, at least at this particular moment, this latest manifestation of that idea just goes in the pile with the other occasions of it that have appeared here over the past twenty years.













An epic list. Thank you Charlie Jack for the compilation!