Pelosi visiting Taiwan in August 2022

I think they’d just escort the Chinese jets out


Yeah, most likely. taiwan cant fire first, even in our own airspace. the world would turn their back even harder.

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Republicans are saying, please, go ahead.

I don’t always agree with her, but on this one I applaud it,” Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said in an interview. “It’s important that we show up in Taiwan and demonstrate to China that we are supportive. That’s a very strong statement for a speaker to go to Taiwan.”

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it wont cause tensions. it will cause bullies to cry a little. but nothing important. all these calls seem more to provoke their in house politicians rather than do anything for Taiwan, or the world.

just more hypocritical nonsense to keep us on standby thinking they actually give 2 shits.

anyone stateside, in power, doing anything useful on protecting taiwans right to sovereignty ?


I’m not sure any American politicians give 2 shits about Taiwan’s whatever… anymore than they care about Ukraine.

I agree. hence why they are useless hypocrites. not even at lip service level, fucking~dipshits. not like world peace and human rights are important or anything.

why exactly does phillipines have US bases again? japan? korea? ya, fuck taiwan…sigh.

Nobody thought Russia would do anything to Ukraine either until they went in. Other than some sanctions which are mostly brushed off, Russia is not in any imminent danger.

Poking China to cause them to lose face won’t end well for Taiwan as it didn’t end well with HK. Western logic doesn’t apply when Eastern people lose face and I honestly believe China will risk everything they have to save face


I also feel that simple if that than that thinking will lead to dramatic conclusions.

We are watching basic game theory right now. Most of everything we hear and read from political sources will be framed to draw conclusions from the targeted audience. This is a time to engage your brain and study.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks about what happens geopolitically. Everything is carefully curated for public consumption, the public will come to the conclusions the media tells them to come to and leaders will do what they want.

If they ever invade it’ll be at a time of their choosing. So I think any military actions would be limited and not spiral, even if they are relatively serious (ie a shot down warplane).

This is the result of too much gobbledygook invented by the panda hugger diplomats. If Russia’s invasion of Ukraine didn’t wake them up, I don’t know what could.

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It does seem to be the world doesn’t care very much.

Pompeo offers to fly with her.


Would you come if China threatens to shoot you down?

If I was America, EU, UN NATO or other such large entities with big guns, your god dman right I would. the fact we aren’t and still stand up in Taiwanshows the ball size difference.

regardless, it is the hypocrisy and intentional lack of clarity that makes the US kinda douchy. if they dont want to support human rights, just say so. if you want to sell out the world’s future for a quick buck, just say so. but dont pretend to care and do things if you aren’t willing to deliver. the term “man up” is relevant when it comes to governments and deciding such circumstances.

china is NOT going to shoot down Pelosi’s plane. that is an act of war, and china then gets us and all its allies rallied against them. that is so far beyond tin foil hat paranoia it’s not even funny if that were to be an excuse to wuss out.

that goes back to what I said previously, this option wont likely exist in decades later if we not only keep enabling CCP oppression, but actually keep paying them to do it. that is a very big problem that wont be looked friendly upon in history books to come.


Another way to say this is: but don't be political


China would not shoot down a plane over Taiwan.

This is not how China will see themselves winning the war. We are currently in a Cold War between the west and east.

We re likely to see a similar situation to the 50s, 60s, 70s where there were many proxy wars not direct conflict between the big nuclear powers.


Either she comes here or she goes down in flames. Sounds like a win-win to me.


true. if people were all using logic, as well as ethics, we might not even have this thread.

but…How can politicians not be political? It is literally their job. I personally feel, the take home point, is that if politicians keep spouting off about ethics, morality, and how much they care about [at least] the most basic of human rights, they should deliver at least the most basic of support. they wont even recognize Taiwan as a country whilst going and involving themselves in vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other smaller wars. He’s, everyone knows the past of Taiwan. but the last couple decades are not the CKS era, so it is time to grow up and confront that fact. Taiwan is ready now, we just dont want to get invaded for saying we are exactly what we are. How retarded, literally.

Thus, hypocritical. it would be easy now for countries to recognize Taiwan as a country, especially those that claim to care about human rights. The only blow back being made by slave imports and economists making a cheap buck whilst also.slitting the long term throat. it could be win win in that sense, problem is…again…they are hypocritical D bags that tend not to have morals. The population of said countries also seem to give zero fucks about earth’s future so they continue along their merry temporary way. speaking from a north american point of view on that point. #everychildmatters my ass, not if it means more memes and a new phone/tv/whatever gadget.

The sad part is, it isnt like we dont have ways of vast communication and spreading of information now. It seems ignorance is less of an excuse as compared to previous times. granted mis/dis information prevails, but aren’t we so self proclaimed as intelligent that we see through this farce? Aren’t we spending a quarter of our lives in schools being educated in the hope’s of also being intelligent? There is some leeway for people not spouting and claiming they are an intelligent being, but the majority of those that think their shit dont stink, what is their excuse?

I should stop the sarcasm now. in reality, it’s a very easy fix which is currently still plausible. if we keep intentionally denying reality, it wont be so easy . hence why my previous point is that long term is actually extremely important. it takes lots of actual thought, energy and effort now to even have a chance 50 years from now. Regardless of stupid human ego centric bullshit. we should all know this by now, it’s not witch craft anymore.