Pelosi visiting Taiwan in August 2022

Chinese and Russian telegram pages are having a meltdown lol

Need to call the Waaaaaaahmbulance.


I gotta say, I thought the US would kowtow. I strongly dislike Pelosi, but good job for coming. It represents a lot.

Her itinerary is also quite good. Meet the president of Taiwan, visit a human rights spot and meet some chinese human rights activists. Well played! Well played indeed.


I mean I agree with you and I don’t. I don’t think she should have announced to come as the gains are small but this also would have been a non issue if China didn’t raise so much brouhaha about it. If they are gonna be mad arbitrarily, they might have just as well said the same stuff about EU MPs visit. The rules are not clear and they keep tightening the screws. This is all on them, they own the court and the ball, all we control is the racket.


Ted Cruz is a domestic political mouthpiece. Pelosi is the most powerful speaker of the house probably ever. Why are you having toruble getting the nuance?

We pretty much agree then. China is insane, so what’s the point of even criticizing them? Everyone knows they’re lunatics. It’s like telling off a baby for shitting on the floor.

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Not calling you an enabler. calling people in general that keep enabling china by saying we should listen to them and not allow others to visit taiwan with permission enablers.

They’re not babies, they’re not dogs, they don’t deserve a free pass.


I asked previously where is the line drawn at appeasement. So speaker of the house no. Senators ok.

Got it.

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If china decides to take action in the next few days a lot of people are going to have a surprised Pikachu face like it was totally an unexpected reaction.


It’s called an analogy. I’m done. I can’t even say China are assholes, but Pelosi was reckless (and even giving the caveat she shouldn’t back out once it’s announced) without people accusing me of being a CCP enabler or “victim blaming.”

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What if this was Canada? It’s not impossible. The Russians threaten our arctic.

I think Taiwan is allowed to exercise its rights and it’s time for people to recognise that.

canada has friends that stand up. that’s the difference. that’s why we need more standing up in Taiwan ,so it wont happen like it wont in Canada.

Measures like sanctions, right?


(imagine a kiwi shilling for communists lmao)

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I just called my MP.

Anyone else is free to pick up the phone and call their elected reps.



What message is Pelosi sending to Taiwan? China? The US? Russia? Japan? India? That SHE can’t part the seas when the shit hits the fan, or will she retire like she said she would leaving the fallout, haha, maybe not haha, to Adam Schiff or the GOP dude who takes over?

Posta please.

Canada is another country that does zero regarding arctic incursions. Hell, even the USA passes through all the time and doesn’t tell us.

indeed. I use letters and emails. small, but gotta do something.