Penalty for overstaying a visa

I have a multiple entry visa good for 60 days at a time. I’m planning a trip to the States about 8 days after my current 60 day entry period expires.
If I overstay for those 8 days what liability am I facing? I know I’ll need to pay a penalty of NT$3,000 (which is cheaper than a flight to HK), but what other downsides are there? Is there any chance they’ll cancel my visa?


Why don’t you just try to get an extension for 8 days?

Been there.

Tried that.

No dice.

While I think it is commonly seen that there is no “blacklisting” for those who overstay their visas for less than a month or two, still the question arises as to whether you can be PROCESSED OUT at the CKS Airport, or if you have to make some special arrangements at the Foreign Affairs Police Station in your city/county of residence.

After considering this for some time, I have come to the following conclusion – I suggest going to the overstay counter at the Police Station within 48 hours of your expected departure, with plane ticket and overstay fine in hand, and say that you carelessly overstayed your visa. Then you can fill out a form and get a few chops, stamps, etc. there, and since you have a plane ticket in hand which will get you out of their hair within 48 hours, that should be the end of it.

However, as far as what the reaction of an overseas representative office might be, since you may want to apply for a new visa in the future . . . . . . . . well, I have no idea about that . . . . . . . .

I have accidentally overstayed my ARC visa. My boss showed me the work permit that had just come in yesterday. So today I went down to the Foreign Affairs police office to get my ARC and passport stamped for renewal. They pointed out that my ARC had expired on the 1st of this month. So I had overstayed 4 days. They told me that I have to pay a fine of 1000NT and do a visa run to Hong Kong, and when I get back they will re-apply the visa. I don’t mind the fine, but having to take out the time and money and hassle for another overnight stay in Hong Kong - pretty harsh for an overstay of a few days.

This is what we call the “zero tolerance” for visa overstays POLICY, and it was implemented in early 2000.